Orbit Path a simple and addicting, single finger mobile game. Harness the power of gravity, the user must fling their space object into a solar system, passing as many orbits and collecting as many picks up as they can. With a refreshing minimalist design of space and a simple game mechanics that is easy to pick up but hard to master, Orbit Path has the right ingredients to become wildly addictive.


The creators behind the popular mobile game, Word Hack, ranked the #1 Word Game in 3 countries, and #3 in the US, bring to world, Orbit Path.

As both mobile app developers and space nerds, we love games that are simple to play, yet require a fair amount of practice to truly master. Thus we decided to make one of our own, one that approached space in a refreshing new way.

And so after many months of planning, hard work and play testing, our game Orbit Path was created. Our team had a blast developing it and we hope all you casual gamers enjoy the game as much as we do!


  • Refreshing minimalist game design
  • Simple game mechanics (so easy a caveman can do it!)
  • Packed with 45 levels that progressively and strategically get more difficult
  • Realistic space physics!!
  • Unlock new worlds to become an orbit master!
  • Featuring original music and audio by the talented Andre De Girolamo



Orbit Path trailer on Youtube



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About Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs is a 27-person mobile, tablet and watch app design and development consultancy based in NYC. We’ve partnered with entrepreneurs and design/full-service agencies to develop over 75 iOS, Android and Windows-based apps. They are the creators behind the popular mobile game, Word Hack, ranked the #1 Word Game in 3 countries, and #3 in the US.


Orbit Path Credits

Executive Producer: Jordan Gurrieri

Executive Producer: Bobby Gill

Lead Engineering: Klein Boelter

Producer: Jesal Trivedi

Designer: Bruce Morrison

Engineer: Gustavo Marangon

Original Music: Andre De Girolamo

Concept Art: Mara De Girolamo



If any further inquires, questions, comments or feedback, please get in touch with Jesal at!